Jazz Dominant Chords

Dominant chords used in jazz come in many flavors. Below is a list of the main types, each associated with a different scale:

Dominant Type Scale Chord Symbol Parent Scale See
No alterations

(5th mode)

C7 or C13 Major Score
Harmonic HM
(5th mode)
C7 (flat9) Harmonic Minor  
Phrygian M
(3rd mode)
C7 (flat9sus) Melodic Minor (ascending)  
Lydian Dominant MM   
(4th mode)
C7 (sharp11) Melodic Minor (ascending) Score
Altered MM
(7th mode)
C7 (alt) Melodic Minor (ascending) Score
Whole Tone

Whole Tone

C9 (flat13) Whole Tone
Inverted Diminished HW Dim. C13 (flat9) Diminished Scale Score


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